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National Heritage Week August 2022  : Walking tours, we will explore the history of the River Dargle, The Peoples Park, Lower Dargle Road and Bray Commons.

15th September – William Stapleton of  Silverpines Studio, Bray– Talk by Harry Bradshaw  (further details to follow)

20th Oct – Rathmines link with Bray, a talk by Dr Séamas Ó Maitiú.

17th Nov – Police in Bray 1823-1922/Civic Guard, Garda in Bray from 1922

The society has just published a number of research documents on the Boghall area of Bray for National Heritage Week 2021.  These documents will be updated from time to time as research is always ongoing. https://www.heritageweek.ie/


Boghall Paper 1- Outline (click here to download)

Boghall Paper 2- Aerial Views (click here to download)

Boghall Paper 3- Homes for Heroes (click here to download)

Boghall Paper 4- Trades (click here to download)

Boghall Paper 5- From Preston Hall to Belcourt and Gortnamona-Part 1 of 2  (click here to download)

Boghall Paper 5- From Preston Hall to Belcourt and Gortnamona-Part 2 of 2 (click here to download)

Boghall Paper 6- Scott Park  (click here to download)

Boghall Paper 7- The Saints Fergal & Kilian, Austria & Germany (click here to download)

Boghall Paper 8A- Boghall in the News (1744- 1901) (click here to download)

Boghall Paper 9- Other Stories (click here to download)








Wicklow in the revolutionary decade (part 1, North).

While not in the vanguard of armed activity in the revolutionary decade, Wicklow was, nevertheless, active in other respects. Moreover, its unique characteristics—proximity to Dublin, pioneering development of tourism, and one of the highest Protestant populations outside Ulster—make it worthy of study. Listen to History Ireland editor, Tommy Graham in discussion with Rosemary Raughter (Greystones), James Scannell (Bray), Brian White (Enniskerry) and John Dorney (editor of ‘The Irish Story’).


Our monthly talks take place in the Royal Hotel, Main Street, Bray at 8pm
Admission €6, members free, all welcome to attend the talks. 

For more information contact: Brian White (Chairperson BCHS)


e-mail; brayhistory@gmail.com

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